The Steward Bank Debit Card allows customers to transact from any Point Of Sale (POS) machine with the Steward Bank or ZimSwitch sign.

Customers now have 24 hour access to money from a wide network of retailers across the country. No need to carry cash to make payments for bills, groceries or fuel. The Steward Bank Debit will also allow customers to access the cash-back facility from any Steward Bank or ZimSwitch POS machine whenever they need cash.

Now customers no longer need to fill in cash withdrawal slips to access money or deposit it. All one needs to do is walk into any Steward Bank branch and transact over the counter using their Debit card.

To experience ultimate swiping convenience, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 0808 8888 or simply go to your closest Steward Bank Branch and collect your transactional card today.