Introducing Digital FCA account opening

You can now open a FCA account instantly via USSD in under 60 seconds. 

Steward Bank is offering a choice of two FCA Nostro account types, Dura Lite and Dura gold. The Dura Lite FCA Account does not require full KYC and will be available for opening via USSD. The Dura Gold FCA Account is full KYC complaint and customers will need to visit a branch in order to open a Dura Gold Account.

To open a Dura Lite FCA account:

  1. Dial *236#,
  2. Select Open Steward Bank Account,
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions,
  4. Select Account Type:  Individual FCA,
  5. Select category: New Customer or
  6. Selects Customer category: Existing Customer,
  7. You will receive an SMS confirming your FCA account number.
  8. You may visit a Steward Bank Branch or Approved Steward Bank Agent for a debit card.

Features of Dura Lite FCA Account 

  1. KYC Lite
  2. Banking Services link to EcoCash FCA
  3. No monthly service fee
  4. Visa card ($10)
  5. Remittance –Direct Bank deposits
  6. Seamless FCA activation for existing Steward Bank account holders