Our Visa Corporate Prepaid Card uses Chip & PIN technology, also known as EMV. This is an international standard replacing the magnetic stripe on cards used for payment transactions. EMV card transactions are more secure than those requiring a signature, and protect you against fraud.

To apply for a Visa Corporate Prepaid Card, visit your nearest Steward Bank Branch and complete the application form available or contact your existing Corporate Relationship Manager.

Upon purchase of the card, the card will be activated. In the event that you face any challenges contact our Digital Operations 24/7 Helpdesk.

Our card application contains terms and conditions, which stipulate the regulations on the use of the card. The cardholder accepts these terms and condition the moment he/she signs the application form and also when the card is activated.

You may use your card anywhere in the world where VISA cards are accepted. It is important to take note of the applicable limits to ensure you do plan your spending accordingly.

A notification will be sent to you after each transaction on your card. It is important to know your available balance before making any transaction. The transactional email alerts offered by the Bank also show the available balance before the current transaction attempt. Register on the web portal and mobile app to get track your balance and spending.

Use the web portal to block your card instantly. Alternatively, call us on +263 772 191 191 or send an email to cardcentre@stewardbank.co.zw. Always quote the last 8 digits of your card and your full details.

Email the last 8 digits of your card, full name, ID number, mobile number and valid email address to cardcentre@stewardbank.co.zw with subject: VISA CORPORATE PREPAID – ACTIVATE EMAIL ALERTS

You may load your card an unlimited number of times as long as it is within the regulated card monthly limits. Visa Corporate Prepaid Card reloads are done through transfers from the corporate’s FCA account. For protection of your prepaid card, there are limits on daily and monthly transactions. These limits are available for viewing on our website and on the Visa Corporate card informational that we share via email when you get a card.

If you forget your PIN, it cannot be reset, you will need to purchase a new card. In the event that your PIN is blocked after 3 attempts and you now remember the correct PIN, contact our Helpdesk with your full details for pin change.

The company’s registered contact person kindly visit our self-service portal at https://icards.stewardbank.co.zw:4046/ or email the last 8 digits of your card number, full name, ID number, mobile number and valid email address to cardcentre@stewardbank.co.zw with subject: VISA CORPORATE PREPAID – Card Statement, and the period you wish to have the statement cover.

The Cardholder shall inform the BANK as soon as reasonably practical if he notices an item which seems to be wrong on his statement. The maximum time period allowed for disputing queries is 30 days from the transaction date. No claim or action relating to a transaction shall be entertained after this period.

Receipts: It is the responsibility of the Cardholder on completion of a transaction through an ATM/POS to ensure that she/he obtains a corresponding receipt / record.

  • Always verify your card expiry date
  • Test your card to confirm you have the valid pin
  • Save all receipts and verify against your statement
  • Report lost or stolen cards and unauthorized transactions immediately
  • Be aware of your surroundings when entering your PIN at any ATM or merchant
  • Confirm international transactional limits, and any applicable sanctions/blocks on Zimbabwean issued cards
  • Do not pack all payment methods together (i.e. put one in a suitcase, another in a purse of wallet).
  • Never leave valuables such as your card in an unsecured place such as a car or hotel room.
  • Always keep a copy of your card front for immediate search or details in the event of it getting lost and would want it blocked. Keep this copy separate and secure.

Yes. Visa Corporate Cards are delivered to the contact person as per the application forms whether to their home or corporate offices as agreed by the signatories authorized.


Tel/Whatsapp: +263 772 191 191
Email : cardcentre@stewardbank.co.zw

  1. When you want to buy something online, usually, you will be asked to enter your basic credit card details (cardholder name), card number, card expiry date, CVV/CVC code, & mailing address) and submit these details.
  2. Thereafter a pop up window will appear requesting you to enter your "One Time Password" (OTP). The "One Time Password" (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number and email address prior to any online purchase.
  3. Once you submit the "One Time Password" (OTP), the transaction will be sent for authorization and the merchant website will display a response to you.

It is an additional security layer adding one more step to your online purchasing process when paying using your Steward Bank Visa card for verifying your identity as the cardholder.

It protects you against unauthorized transactions when shopping online since the transaction will be authorized only when you key in your "One Time Password" (OTP).

A corporate can apply for up to 3 cards under one account.

The VISA Corporate Prepaid Card costs $20 to purchase and there are no monthly service charges or maintenance costs that are applied. The card only has transactional charges, through POS or online platforms, of 1,85% per every transaction initiated with a minimum charge of $2.50 and 3% for ATM withdrawals with a minimum of $4.00 withdrawal amount.

Funds reflect in a VISA Corporate Prepaid Card 30 minutes after a deposit. Also note deposits can be done from a nostro FCA only and not hard cash.

The Corporate card can be obtained instantly upon submission of application form and necessary requirements.

Transfers can be done between Steward VISA Corporate Cards as well as from a Steward Bank Visa Corporate card to a Steward Consumer card, also known as the Globetrotter card.