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Agent Banking

Agent Banking

What is a Steward Bank Agent?

A Bank Agent refers to an approved third party acting on behalf of the Bank to carry out designated banking transactions pursuant to an Agent and or service agreement. Bank Agents will be equipped with adequate ICT equipment that enables them to connect to the Bank’s servers using VPN or other data connections to facilitate real time basic banking transactions. Jason Bourne

What services will be offered through Steward Bank Agents?

You will be able to do the following through Steward Bank Agents:

  • Apply for Corporate and Personal Accounts
  • Card Based and Direct Cash Deposits
  • Card Based Withdrawals
  • Internal Transfers
  • Bill Payments
  • Balance Enquiries
  • Mini Statements

 Why are you appointing Agents instead of opening more branches?

The world is shifting its focus from traditional brick and mortar structures to “branchless” banking with mobile banking now becoming the new frontier for product innovation and channel delivery. Agent Banking will deliver banking to the door-step of the marginalized and unbanked customers, who, for many years
have not been able to travel long distances to do banking. The following are the reasons why Steward Bank wants to pursue Agent banking:

  • To fulfill the constitutional rights of the unbanked masses who are also entitled to for access to financial services
  • To increase distribution channels and make the Bank more accessible to its customers
  • To provide low cost banking services to the poor who cannot afford to travel long distances to carry out banking transactions.

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