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About Steward Bank


This July, Steward Bank is celebrating its 7th birthday. In this short time, we have achieved important milestones, making us a key player in the Zimbabwean Banking Sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with financial institutions and conduct their banking.

Moovah Travel Insurance covers you before and during your trip or vacation. You can see the world, study abroad or do business anywhere knowing you and all your valuables are insured.

Should a Zimbabwean in the diaspora open a bank account in Zimbabwe? What are the benefits of holding an account in Zimbabwe when you work and live outside the country? What are the hoops you have to go through to open and hold such an account?

The Steward Bank incubation Pod continues to offer entrepreneurs with a space to come in and work on innovative ideas for their existing or upcoming businesses and potentially open accounts with SB.