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For Your Business

ZamaZama Business Account

ZamaZama Account
For Small to Medium Enterprise

The account features have been designed to provide affordable and appropriate products and services to each segment. 

Product for day to day transactions purposes for small businesses

  • Will provide access to the following services
  • $5/$10 monthly service fees
  • Mobile App and Online Banking
  • ZimSwitch Debit Card
  • Discounted RTGS
  • CFO Cash Optimiser
  • Agent and Merchant loan facilities
  • Phone Purchase Scheme
  • Steward Bank MSME networking events
  • VISA Debit Card

Account Bundles

  • Data Bundles
  • EcoCash Payroll services
  • Crowd Funding
  • Discounted Web Design & Hosting
  • RiskFlow Cash Optimiser
  • Merchant & Agent Loans
  • Free Advertising
  • Business Card

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