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NGO's and Embassies

Current Account

This is a transactional account for the NGO Sector where daily financial transactions can be conducted with ease and the benefits include:

    • A dedicated Relationship Manager
    • NGOs sector Cash Management Account facilities
    • Access to Online Banking and eStatements
    • Personalised Deposit Books are available on request
    • Custodial and Security services
    • Eligibility for the Smart Device Finance Scheme loans

Account Opening Requirements

    • Certificate of Incorporation or related documentation
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association or related regulatory requirements
    • Copy of the business or operating licence as applicable
    • Executives/directors’ resolution authorising the opening of the account.
    • Business address accompanied by proof of such address through recent utility bills e.g. water, electricity or telephone bill, bank statement or account statement
    • Proof of residence for all the executives/directors through a recent utility bills e.g. water, electricity or telephone bill, bank statement or account statement
    • 2 passport size photographs for all the directors
    • Certified copy of ID for executives/directors e.g. metal id/passport/driver’s licence

NGOs Cash Management Account

The Steward Bank NGOs Cash Management Account facilitates the investment of surplus current account funds overnight or for longer periods depending on cash flow requirements of the client.

Benefits include:

    • No bank charges
    • Interest earning investments
    • Access to Treasury and Foreign Currency services
    • Access to Bancassurance services
    • Access to Money Market Investment options
    • “Funds sweeping” arrangements
    • Access to Investment services

Smartphone Device Scheme 

Loan Tenure Up to 24 months
Maximum Loan Amount 
Interest Calculation Basis Daily balance
 Interest Rate
12.5% p.a.
Interest Payment Frequency 
Repayments   Auto loan repayment to Current Account
Service Fees

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