KaShagi School fees loan is an instant short term loan designed to assist in meeting the cost of school fees. The loan application and disbursement process takes place in under 60 seconds by simply dialing *236# and the funds are deposited directly to the school via EcoCash Biller Code

These loans may be accessed by customers who have an EcoCash wallet or a Steward Bank account. A customer may apply for a KaShagi School fees Loan up to a max of USD200.

How to apply

  1. Dial *236#
  2. Select Nano Loans, option 3
  3. Select KaShagi KeFees, option 2
  4. Review amount eligible for loan and proceed to apply for Kashagi KeFees
  5. Review Terms and Conditions for loan and accept (Min $20, Max $200, repayment 90 days, Handling fees 7%)
  6. Enter EcoCash Biller code and confirm
  7. Confirm if entered EcoCash biller is for the intended school provided and confirm  
  8. Enter fees amount you wish to pay and confirm
  9. Enter student Name and Surname and confirm
  10. Enter student reference (ID or Class no.) and confirm
  11. Review if school quoted, amount and student name are correct and confirm payment request
  12. Receive notification of successful application of the KaShagi Kefees Loan
  13. Receive payment notification and reference details of KaShagi Kefees Loan disbursement.

Click Here for List of School Biller Codes