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VISA 3D Secure

1. What is the 3D secure service?

3D secure is a globally adopted authentication solution designed to make e-Commerce transactions more secure in real-time.  The cardholder is required to enter a One Time PIN (OTP) delivered to a registered mobile number or email address as a way of authenticating the transaction. The transaction will only be approved upon verification of the OTP thereby preventing unauthorized card usage and fraud.

2. How do I register for 3D Secure?

This service is already activated on your card. You are required to update your contact details through the Bank’s touch points to benefit from the service.

3. How much is charged for the 3D secure services?

The service is free to all Steward Bank Visa cardholders. The Bank reserves the right to levy a charge in alignment to market conditions.

4. How do I use the 3D Secure?

When you submit an online payment order, you will be asked for your 3D Secure PIN (OTP). Enter your auto-generated 3D Secure PIN which will have been sent to your mobile number then select submit to complete your transaction.

5. Is my 3D Secure PIN the same as the PIN number that I use for the VISA/MasterCard?

No. The 3D Secure PIN is an auto-generated One-time PIN that is sent to your registered mobile number whenever you perform an online transaction on a 3D enabled site.

6. What is One-time Password (OTP)?

A One-time auto-generated PIN is a PIN that is sent via SMS to your mobile number. The password can only be used for completing a particular transaction or logging in for a single session.

7. How would I know if a merchant is 3D Secure compliant?

If a merchant is 3D Secure compliant, you will be able to see the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode logo on the site.

8. Can I use the 3D Secure on any computer?

Yes, you can use it from any computer or device connected to the internet.

9. Do all online transactions require me to key in an OTP?

No, the OTP is only required for online merchants that support the 3DS authentication protocol.

10. Can I use one OTP for more than one transaction?

No. Every 6 digit OTP is valid only for that particular transaction and cannot be used for any other transaction.

11. How long is the OTP valid?

OTP will be valid for 2 minutes. Otherwise you will have to restart the process and regenerate another OTP.

12. What do I do if I do not receive the OTP?

‘Resend OTP’ link will be displayed on the e-commerce site and can be used for 3 times per transaction in case the OTP is not received. If the OTP is still not received still, please contact us on 0808 8888/0772191191.

13. Is my card still secure if someone else becomes aware of my OTP?

The OTP is sent to the cardholder mobile number that was registered upon card registration. OTP will never be sent to someone else. OTP is transaction specific and cannot be used for any other card transactions.

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