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VISA Card Self-Service Portal

You can log on to the self service portal to:

  • Check Balance
  • Download Statement
  • Card to card Transfer
  • Block card

Follow link below to register

What is a VISA Card

This is a pre-paid VISA Card for both Steward Bank and non-Steward Bank customers which gives them the convenience of loading their funds for use when travelling abroad.  This card has no strings attached and one does not need to be a Steward Bank account holder in order to qualify for the card.

Who qualifies for get a VISA Card

  • Individual and Corporate travelers that require secure and safe methods of transacting rather than carrying cash
  • Students studying outside the country that require a medium of receiving money from parents in Zimbabwe
  • Small scale traders purchasing merchandise beyond our borders.

Why should I apply for this card (benefits)?

  • It works internationally where Visa cards are accepted
  • Ability to perform online transactions with the card
  • It is as good as cash
  • Cheaper transactional fees compared to available options
  • Spending flexibility as is it is prepaid
  • Instantly available - It is a “LOAD and GO” card

What do I need to apply for the VISA Card

The following are the VISA Card Application requirements:

  • Copy of National Identity Card / Passport / Driver`s License
  • Completion of Visa Prepaid Card application form
  • The card issuance fees is USD $10, (inclusive card issuance and initial deposit)

How and where do I apply for the Card

The Steward Bank VISA prepaid card is sold through Steward Bank branches and selected Steward Bank agents.  All you need to do is visit any Steward Bank branch, complete a Steward Bank Prepaid VISA Card application form and submit the form together with your ID & $10.

Once this is done, you can collect your card from the Customer Service Officer within the branch.

How do I fund my Steward Bank VISA Prepaid card

The card can only be funded at any Steward Bank Branch.

What are the features of the Steward Bank VISA Prepaid card

  • Accepted on more than 2,3m Visa branded ATMs and POS machines in 200 countries worldwide
  • Prefunded using foreign currency only
  • Non-personalised, thus, it does not have a cardholder name displayed on the face of the card
  • Performs POS/Online and ATM transactions with a limit of $10,000 per month
  • Our Visa cards are only sold at Steward Bank branches.
  • SMS alerts upon transacting

What charges should I Expect when I use the Steward Bank VISA Prepaid Card

The following are the service charges:

Description of Service



Cost of purchasing the card



Balance Enquiry



POS and Online Purchase

1.75% of transaction value with minimum $2 and a maximum of $100

1.75% of transaction value with minimum $2 and maximum $100

ATM Cash withdrawal

3% minimum $3.50

3% minimum $3.50

Can I request a statement on my VISA account?

Clients can log on to the Visa self-service portal following the link

What do I do if I lose my card?

If you lose your Steward Bank VISA Prepaid Card please get in touch with our customer service personnel using the details listed below.  This will enable the Bank to block the card in order to protect your funds.  A replacement can be requested at the branch at a cost of $10.

Who do I contact if I need assistance with my card

Should you need assistance with the Steward Bank VISA Prepaid Card please contact our customer service personnel on any of the following channels:

Toll Free: 0808 8888
Whatsapp: 0772 191 191
Facebook | Twitter | Skype


VISA Direct

WHAT is VISA Direct?

A platform that allows safe and convenient delivery of funds directly to your Steward Bank Visa Card from another VISA card or Visa Direct enabled e-wallet.

Who can send me money?

Anyone with an account, wallet or card that is enabled for VISA Direct origination, usually accessed through their Bank’s mobile app or online banking. The sender may verify if this service is available with their Bank.

What information am I required to give to the sender?

Only your 16 digit Steward Bank Visa Globetrotter Card number along with your name. Do not disclose any other details such as the expiry date or the CVV number (3 digit security code at the rear of the card)

What is the maximum amount that can be sent?

Sender financial institutions have varying limit restrictions and your sender should verify

with their Bank.  The transaction will be declined if the amount being sent exceeds the authorised limit. You may receive funds to the maximum of your monthly transactional limit.

How long does it take to receive the funds?

Visa Direct funds will be credited within 30 minutes to 1 hour of transaction depending on sender institution.

What if I do not receive the funds in the prescribed timeframe?

Notify your sender if funds are not received in an hour’s time.

How do I use the funds once credited?

Make POS/online payments or withdraw funds from an ATM that accepts VISA

Can I withdraw the funds?

Yes, you can withdraw from the branch and prevailing withdrawals fees will apply.


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