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Personalised Cards

Because we care about you, we, at Steward Bank, have learnt to speak your language by offering you a personalised bank card that allows you to express yourself.  The personalized card is a way for customers to express their personality through their bank card.  Whether you are Mhofu, Samaita or Samanyanga, we have just the card for you.  Love shopping? We definitely have the right card for your shopping adventures!  We have not forgotten the soccer fans, or the keen travelers!

What could be more exciting than bringing a personalised element to banking through choosing a card that is a lot more you!  Now you can walk into any of the Steward Bank branches and apply for a bank card that speaks your own language!

Personalizing your card is easy!

The whole process takes about 5 minutes to complete.

  1. Fill in a short application form
  2. Choose your image
  3. Submit the form at any Steward Bank branch
  4. Wait and use: within 7 days you will receive an SMS notification that your card is ready for collection

NB: This free service is available to all Steward Bank iSave account customers who have a debit card.

We know that each customer is special and that one size does not fit all, so Steward Bank constantly innovates to help you choose options that meet your unique needs.

Contact your nearest branch for further details and enquiry or call our customer service center on toll free 0808888.

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