Steward Bank Zimbabwe has launched a Housing Development Scheme and a Mobile Banking Application targeted at Zimbabweans living abroad.

The mortgage facility will be available at zero deposit, on a 25-year tenure and an interest rate of 2% per annum, the lowest rate in the Zimbabwean market.

CEO for Steward Bank, Lance Mambondiani said that they saw an opportunity to revolutionize digital banking in the diaspora and offer a service that would be readily available and accessible to those who are overseas.

“Square World is an innovative banking app
from Steward Bank that enables both customers and non-customers to access financial services anywhere, at anytime. It also offers an exclusive package that includes a Mobile App, a USSD based banking platform, Telephone and Online Banking.

“The application provides universally accessible financial services, allowing a foreign-based Zimbabwean to seamlessly integrate their MasterCard or Visa Card to the mobile app and make payments back home in addition to other services,” he added.

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