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SQUARE Launch Events

20 December 2016

Steward Bank recently launched SQUARE, a mobile Banking app that provides convenience to any customer who logs onto the Square platform.  The launch was characterized by live demonstrations of how the app works and as well as entertainment from lively groups like Iyasa.  Launches of the mobile app took place in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare, a decision which was hailed by all customers in the major towns, particularly those who normally feel left out.  “We are excited that Steward Bank has decided to conduct the official launch of the mobile app here in Bulawayo and besides the convenience that his app will bring us, we feel that the Bank places value on all its customers regardless of location” said one customer at the Bulawayo launch event as they expressed their joy over the launch of the mobile app in Bulawayo.  The Bulawayo launch took place at the Holiday Inn at the end of November 2016 and was graced by a large number of customers who also expressed their joy at the newly launched app.  Customers were most excited about the fact that they can now buy ZESA on credit on the Steward Bank Square App even at odd hours, should they run out.  The event was marked by exciting dances from Iyasa dance group who wowed the crowd with their dances and ‘Square, Square, ndokuSquare’ jingle resulting in even the most conservative of guests wanting to go on the dance floor.  Mudiwa Hood, the Steward Bank branch ambassador proved why he is a multi- award winner when he song his popular song ‘Ndaita Mari neSteward Bank’.

The Eastern Highlands customers were not to be left out as proved at their Square launch which took place at Amber Hotel in Mutare on 15th December 2016.  A lot of customers who braved the cold weather to come and witness the Square Mobile App launch were not disappointed as it proved to be better than what they had expected.  The Steward Bank Square App is not like any other app.  There was celebration and ululation from some of the customers who were delighted to discover that they could conduct their Banking even on their ‘mbudzi’ phones through the USSD facility.   Customers learnt that there is zero-rated access for Econet subscribers on the Square app, meaning there is no airtime or data charge when one uses the SQUARE App.  Customers in Mutare were not to be outdone as they took to the dance floor, in celebration of the new convenience, the Square App, amidst, pomp and laughter all around the room.

SQUARE is a new set of banking solutions from Steward Bank that enable both customers and non-customers to access financial services anywhere, anytime. It offers a four-pronged package including a Mobile App, a USSD based banking platform, Telephone Banking and Online Banking.

The Harare launch event was the most attended event as everyone was keen to finally find out what the teasers in the Newspaper where all about. “We want to know what Square is, as we have seen some teasers in the paper and on digital platforms, we think it is something exciting and innovative that Steward Bank has come up with” said a customer as they arrived at the launch, at the Meikles Hotel.  They were right! The Steward Bank CEO, Dr Lance Mambondiani quickly unveiled the Square mobile App, receiving applause from guests who were already excited about yet another new innovation from Steward Bank.   Steward Bank was introducing to the market, SQUARE, a new set of banking solutions that enable both customers and non-customers to access financial services anywhere, anytime, offering a four-pronged package including a Mobile App, a USSD based banking platform, Telephone Banking and Online Banking.  Like with other towns, the event ended with a question and answer segment where customers received an opportunity to ask the Heads of eChannels and ICT, respectively, questions related to this new innovation.  

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