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Moovah Travel Insurance

28 February 2020

Moovah Travel Insurance covers you before and during your trip or vacation. You can see the world, study abroad or do business anywhere knowing you and all your valuables are insured.

Moovah Travel Insurance covers:

Trip delays or cancellations, overseas medical expenses, loss of personal belongings, personal liabilities & permanent disability.

  • What are the risks covered?
    1. Overseas Emergency Hospitalisation
    2. Medical Expenses
    3. Trip Interruption-flight delays or missed connections
    4. Loss or theft of checked-in luggage
    5. Repatriation in the event of critical illness or injury
    6. Death, Personal Liabilities & Permanent Disability
    7. MARS Assist Emergency Evacuation
    8. Search & Rescue Services
  • Packages Offered:
    • Comprehensive
    • Premier
    • Visa
    • Business

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