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To 7 Years of Banking and more

07 July 2020

This July, Steward Bank is celebrating its 7th birthday. In this short time, we have achieved important milestones, making us a key player in the Zimbabwean Banking Sector. In seven years we have grown our customer base from 20,000 clients in 2013 to more than 2 million+ to date. We have inspired an innovative banking evolution in Zimbabwe by providing affordable financial services, and by promoting financial inclusion for corporate organizations, previously unbanked individuals and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s). We have focused on making banking universal and accessible to every Zimbabwean, and our impact continues to grow as a result.

This journey has led Steward Bank to several opportunities for innovative digital solutions.  We introduced:

  • Batsi the first Customer Service Chatbot
  • Digital Account Opening in the banking sector with the launch of *236# Banking
  • Kashagi an instant loan (that one can access on a mobile phone by simply dialing *151# option 6 on EcoCash or *236# for Steward Bank account holders.)

Our digitization efforts have transformed the customer experience in a comprehensive and significant way. As we celebrate and move into the future we are grateful for the opportunity to keep serving our customers, as the Stewards of their financial needs.

Thank you for the support!