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Digital Account Opening

Introducing *236# a new way to open a bank account in under 60 seconds

Simply dial *236# from any Econet registered mobile number and follow the prompts. Your account will be created instantly and your bank account details sent to you via SMS. The new account will be automatically linked to banking services which means you will immediately be able to transact between your EcoCash Wallet and your Steward Bank account. You can also access KaShagi Personal loans immedeatley upon opening your account by dialing*236#.

How to open an Account

  • Step 1: Dial *236#
  • Step 2:  Select Option 1
  • Step 3: Accept T7 C’s
  • Step 4: Select Option 1, Open Account
  • Step 5: Confirm your Name and ID Number
  • Step 6: Take note of OTP, keep it secure as you it will be required for card activation.
  • Step 6: Your account details will be sent to you via SMS and the new account is immediately linked to banking service.

Card Activation

Now that your account is active the next step will be to pick up your bank card. You can collect your card from:

  • Steward Branches
  • Steward Brand Ambassadors
  • Select Steward Bank Agents
  • Select Econet Shops

Self Service Card Activation:

  • Step 1: Dial *236#
  • Step 2: Select Option 1
  • Step 3: Accept T&C’s
  • Step 4: Select Option 3 Account Services
  • Step 5: Select Option 1 Activate Card
  • Step 6 Enter OTP, you would have received this upon account opening opening
  • Step 6: Enter Card Number
  • Step 7: Enter Preferred PIN
  • Step 8: Re- Enter PIN
  • Step 9: Submit

An SMS will be sent confirming activation Status.